Justin, your Therapist

I feel it is important to share and encourage people to consider what counselling can do for them.

Life has it's twists and turns and can often catch us off guard and present us with a whole host of difficulties which we are not always able to overcome without some form of therapeutic intervention.

It was my own difficult life experiences which led me to seek counselling. For many years I was unable to make sense of a host of challenging life events. It was professional counselling which gave me the opportunity to explore and work through past events which had changed me and the way I felt about myself. The counselling process progressively transformed my life, gave me back choices and dignity and I was then able to live a happier and more fulfilling existence.

Having personally witnessed the process of change I became curious to explore more about it which led me to attending a level two counselling skills course, this progressed to level three and then I  undertook the two-year training that is required for the level four Diploma. As part of the training I was engaged with two NHS trusts to gain valuable experience and insights.

I work in a person centred way, which puts you at the heart of our work together but sometimes use other modalities to help bring this about. I also undertake a minimum of 30 hours continuous professional development a year to assist my work with you. I'm committed to your well being.

Asides from counselling  I really enjoy gardening which was my former career. I strongly believe in the power of nature to restore and heal I also enjoy drawing and painting, some of which I use in my counselling work.

If you feel counselling/therapy is something you could benefit from please get in touch to arrange a no obligation informal appointment.


I am proud to be an Accredited member of the National Counselling Society

Member Number: NCS20-00556

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